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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Not Bona-Fide...

...but it is a whiskey painting, according to the rules: Max size=4x5" watercolor painted with whiskey (or your spirit of choice) instead of water. And it's recommended, for full enjoyment of the experience, that you imbibe a bit of said spirit while you work. Which I did. So it is a whiskey painting, as far as I could go, it just ain't bona-fide.

If you find this at all interesting, the full lowdown on the WPA (Whiskey Painters of America, not the work program from the 30's) is on their official website, a link to which is in the picture in my sidebar, down below the blog list and Meditation sites list - aw what the hell, I'll just put a link right here so you won't have to scroll so much: Whiskey Painters of America.
You have to be sponsored by a standing member to get in, there are only 150 members tops, and the roster is currently full, bit I figure if I start showing off for 'em now, someday maybe... ;-)

Oh yeah, the painting. Don't have a title for it yet, but it's from a photo I took of a little decoration - I don't reckon it's real; it is hollow inside and has a little hole in front, but I don't think there's a bird that small - that hangs from a holly berry tree outside my kitchen window.

 Genuine simulated field conditions

Brush in hand, here we go...


Sunday, November 23, 2014


It seems that for quite a few years - the last piece here is from 1980 -  I've been doing bits of asemic writing now and then; I just didn't know until recently that it was a thing, that it was called something. Only for about a hundred years or so. And folks are still doing it, like Kerri Pullo Rivera
who encouraged me to publically share these when I showed them to her. She's made a real art form out of it. Click her name and see for yourself.


I's meditatin fer bout a hour,

sinkin in, questionin, try real hard, let er go, try real hard, let er go; finally this here come to me...


Friday, November 21, 2014

So long White Rock, and thanks for all the...trees

~The last sketch I did out at White Rock Lake, shortly before leaving Dallas. A spot called T.P.Hill, on the west side of the lake just past the old boathouse. I sat at a picnic table in full sun, and got burned. In the time it took to draw this tree! No more than half an hour. I miss that, the heat. Really miss it. (The date on that drawing is wrong. It was actually August.)

6B pencil, 5.5x8.5" sketchbook

This was also the last thing I posted on A. Decker Art before moving back to AR, and since I'm shutting that blog down, I thought as part of the process I'd bring the (next to the)last post from it over here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A little speculative personal history

In the pre-dawn hours, grade school days, I wanted no part of getting up, for any reason, let alone school. But Mamaw was in the kitchen making breakfast and she'd usually switch the radio on to "...hear the singin." That's what she called the gospel type stuff they played that early. And the walls were made of cardboard, so there was no not hearing it. I was force fed in a defenseless state, the likes of this here:

This is what it led to:

Which may be explained by THIS.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


How did I get the idea that I need my own approval. I think self judgment makes one neurotic. Or not.

The other evening I noticed that most of the world, most of the universe, most of existence is perfectly quiet.  A very tranquilizing thing to realize.

Silence rules.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Doubtful anybody noticed, but I was offline for a little over a month, and now I'm re-established back in Arkansas. Nothing against Texas, but I had to feel the homeland under my feet again. I've missed the sky around here. Plus this is a small town - 27,000 or so - and it's what I grew up in. DFW metroplex was making me nervous, on a deep level.
All that being said, I have found that I was apparently somewhat adapted to the big city pressure and pace, and I'm actually having a little trouble slowing down, not blowing up when everybody you're in a line with knows and has to do some catching up with whatever clerk you're waiting to see. Everybody knows everybody. Eavesdropping? Forget that! If you heard something about somebody's business and you want to know more, just ask 'em. I found out, while I was getting the electricity turned on, from the fellow in line at the next window, that we're getting a new catfish restaurant, it's the second in a burgeoning chain, it's going in that building out on 49 where (?) used to be, they're gonna serve crawdads, the ladies working there in the PLWC office are scared of Mexican and Chinese restaurants, happy about the catfish, as was everyone. Before it was over, the whole room was in on that conversation.
It's more like Mayberry R.F.D. around here. Or Dog River(Corner Gas, a Canadian sitcom, very small-town-funny. Check it out on youtube, "Corner Corner.")

At first I was in storage (my stuff. Mom let me sleep at her place;-) with nothing much to do, fortunately, so I had time to explore a little bit, do some relishing.

Like how the blue sky and green of the trees set off the red-orange doors at the storage facility(the office building for which, has a conference room that doubles as the Hot Yoga studio). My little watercolor travel kit came in handy that day.

Came to a RR crossing where the 'arms' were down, lights flashing a bells dinging, even though the freight train (lots of those come through here) wasn't blocking the crossing I sat there anyway and pulled out my 3.5x5" sketchpad and ballpoint, and took a little time...

Last one below is of the footbridge across the ditch in front of Mom's house - the place I grew up. There's undoubtedly some dinosaurs and army men buried up under there.

I don't know if I'll put these pics on the art blog, as I'm thinking about closing it down, closing all my other bloggy stuff and just focus on this one, the original. It was meant to cover everything I've branched out to in other places anyway. If I do it all right here, maybe there'll be enough activity to...make it interesting again...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who Yam Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?

He's not angry with you. ;-) Watch 'til the end to be tickled.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Warning: Selfies Ahead

I have, traditionally you might say, avoided posting photos o' me mug here, or anywhere I've made marks on the walls of the interweb cave, 'cause...well, I'm pretty good at finding better things to look at (besides, I'm shy. Aw shucks. Shut up). But a recent web-acquaintance, Julie Sondra Decker, over at her blog, In Propinquity, has just posted about the value of selfies, opining that it helps folks get to know you better, especially if your acquaintance is strictly virtual.
Well, she says it better. Her post is HERE.
And no, we ain't kin. ;-)

Anyhow, the following I'm blaming entirely on her.

Howdy, how ya doin'?
Cover up my face, I look just like Bruce Willis.

Out of focus.

Wise ass, eh?


Mad, and not the angry kind.

Tink abote dat?

Probably the best one, but the sun didn't agree.

OK? Enough already?
Maybe I should consider painting a selfie. Might be less scary than this. ;-)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bill & George

It seems all I do here lately is post videos, but what the hell, this a good'n.

Tip o' the hat to RoguePenguinScotland